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RPS# 38

Architecture Record
Archaeology Record
  • Name
    Balbriggan Harbour

    Harbour with two limestone piers



    -6.17791, 53.612

  • Architectural

    This structure is part of the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. You can find extra information on the building on or by clicking the green National Inventory of Architectural heritage reference number below.


    NIAH Details

    Harbour, built 1761, comprising of two enclosing limestone piers with lighthouse positioned at end of east pier. WALLS: East pier largely of limestone rubble with concrete poured on main pathway while west pier of coursed limestone blocks....[Read More]

    • Rating
    • Type
    • Dates
      1755 - 1765
    • Address
      Balbriggan Harbour Balbriggan
    • County
    • Townland

    Web Link

  • Unfortunately it appears that this structure is not listed as part of the Record of Protected Monuments.
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There are a number of resources which will enable you to find out more about this structure including your local library, the Fingal Archives, the National Museum, the National Library and the Trinity Map Library, to name a few.

A new section will be added shortly to this website which will give more comprehensive list of other information sources including short summaries of what sort of information you are likely to be able to find through these sources.

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NIAH Database Image of Building
Image: ©NIAH

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